“La Esquina”, Mexican Folk toy museum, is a cultural institution devoted to preserve Mexican toys and playful domains.

In order to spread its collection , that consists by more than one thousand objects, this first in its genre country-wide museum was created to permanently-wise exhibit, this rustic toy heritage acquired by Angélica Tijerina over the course of fifty years. The toys are considered samples of the artisans production history in México.

To contribute the preservation of Mexican games and toys, and to spread and
share that knowledge that is gained from collecting such items.
It will be a space dedicated to stimulating the educational development of children
and family, focusing on the traditions associated with the games that characterize
the national culture.

To generate a new concept an exhibition, focused on children, offering a museum that contains current topics of interest to enable them to appreciate the game as a means to stimulate the imagination, creativity and social interaction. To also maintain close contact with the artisans producing traditional toys.

My collection is the first museum in Mexico to permanently exhibit a collection comprising over a thousand original objects acquired by myself, owner Prof. Angélica Tijerina, during a period of over fifty years.

The collection is unique in being composed of rustic toys and crafts. Three permanent galleries will express their aesthetic qualities as part of the country’s cultural diversity.


Wednesday through Saturday from 10 to 18 hrs.
Hours Sundays 11 to 16 hrs.

General admissions: $30.00
Children and adults in full: $20.00
Students and teachers: $20.00

The museum consists of four rooms in which toys are on display according to the various regions from which they came and their cultures, expressing the creativity of the artisans in the country.

By way of introduction and recognition of its important work, Guanajuato is emphasized for its contribution of artisans in the development of popular toys made from cardboard, displaying a series of molds used in craft industry

Often we have temporal guests and themes displayed in our museum.

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Temporary exhibitions

Workshops for children

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General Director


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Sergio Luna

Coordinator of National Contest and Museum Collection


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